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I've just been going through the photos I took on my recent trip up to Scotland (I got back on Tuesday, after three days back at work I'm wondering when the next holiday is). There were quite a few of them, partially because it was brilliant weather most of the time (by Scottish standards, anyway) and most Scottish scenery does look a lot better in the sun. It did rain the first weekend I was up, but other than that it was sunny just about the entire time (albeit with a cold wind occasionally, especially near the coast).

In my last post I mentioned visiting the Birks O' Aberfeldy waterfall, I liked this photograph of it from the bridge going over the waterfall, particularly the shadow of the bridge and photographer on the far side of the canyon:

The next day I went down to visit my brother in Perth. I think every time I visit a new animal has arrived in the house. Since my last visit in Christmas he's added three seahorses to his existing collection of numerous species of tropical fish, hermit crabs, sea anemones, starfish, coral and two large cats. It does seem a lot of work keeping them and I think it's cost a lot as well (especially when the house has been modified quite a bit to accommodate a fish tank with a ton of water in it) but it does look very impressive.

The day after I visited my Uncle and Aunt in North Queensferry, while there I also saw my Uncle's mother-in-law who looked very well considering she'll turn 103 in June. Before going there I went round Blackness Castle which is an interesting castle to wander around and has some nice views along the Firth of Forth.

On the Friday it was my birthday. I didn't do much on the day itself, and tried my best to ignore the Royal Wedding.
On Saturday I went down to Edinburgh and met up with Alex and Ross, a couple of friends of mine from when I went to University there. It was a nice day (again) so Alex suggested wandering up Arthur's Seat, I climbed up that hill a couple of times when I was at University (the Halls of Residence where I lived in first year were right next to it) but haven't been up there since. It was a nice walk, although it reminded me that living in Cambridge for 7 years has meant that I'm not used to walking up slopes any more (I think it must be about 100 times higher than the highest 'hill' in Cambridge).

There are some great views of the city from the top:

On the Sunday I went out for a meal to celebrate my birthday with various members of my family. It was a very nice meal, and good company too.

Finally on Monday I drove along Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch, which had some more very nice scenery:

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