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I looked at my LJ profile earlier this week and noticed that today would be the 5th anniversary of me setting up this Livejournal. Looking back at my first post I said in it that I wasn't sure how much I would really use it. Looking back after 5 years, I can't say I've posted very prolifically on my own journal (only 97 posts in that time) but I've tended to be more active on other people's journals (according to my profile "366 comments received, 1,446 comments posted"). Overall, it's been a pretty good way of keeping in contact with people so I'm glad I did join here. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kalorlo who originally suggested that I should journal Livejournal.

Coincidentally, going back five more years I think tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the start of  Freshers Week in my first year of University. It does feel like quite a while ago, but doesn't really feel quite as long as 10 years. I was thinking about it recently because a couple of weeks ago I read an article on the BBC News website about a lot of new students being very nervous about Freshers Week and feeling under a lot of pressure to make new friends immediately. From what I remember I was quite nervous 10 years ago since my friends from school had disperesed to various other Scottish universities so I was quite anxious to make new friends. There were some quotes in the article I read that were dubious about the prospects of making lasting friendships in Freshers Week, from my own experience I'd say it is definitely possible. Looking at my current Facebook friends list I met 8 of them originally in Freshers Week and although I haven't seem some of them in person for a few years I did see 3 of them as recently as a month ago when I was up in Edinburgh. There's also 2 people on my current LJ friends list, [livejournal.com profile] snowking who I first met at a Freshers Week quiz and [livejournal.com profile] brucec who I seem to remember wandering around the Kings Building campus with trying to find the Student Union and getting a bit lost (at one point ending up at the end of a path which went into a small garden and then stopped). Of couse, there were also quite a few people I met in Freshers Week that I haven't seen for the best part of 10 years (and some I never saw again after the week), and I suspect I'd probably have met all the people I stayed in contact with at some point during First Year even if I'd missed Freshers Week completely, so its importance can be exaggerated.

Back in the present day, I went to the cinema today and saw the film "Surrogates". It had a reasonably interesting SF premise and overall was moderately entertaining but its exploration of the central premise felt a bit simplistic and unconvincing in places and the ending is marred by a huge and obvious plot hole. I did find the sight of Bruce Willis wearing a wig when playing his character's 'surrogate' strangely amusing.
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