Dec. 3rd, 2010

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After spending most of yesterday evening try to fix it, my computer is now back in a state where it actually boots up without immediately restarting, which is nice. The key clue to what was wrong with it came when [ profile] brucec helpfully asked in a comment to my previous post if I used AVG, which I do. A bit of Googling revealed that AVG's forums were filled with angry posts from the last couple of days from people complaining that their computer wouldn't boot up after the latest AVG update. As one person pointed out, the anti-virus software was actually more damaging than a virus.

They did also offer a solution where deleting a couple of AVG's files on the hard disk would allow Windows to start up again. This was easier said than done when the computer wouldn't start up, but I managed to do it eventually and Windows now seems to be working fine as well.

Other than the computer issues, things are fine at the moment. I would complain about how cold it is outside, but it sounds like Cambridge is actually one of the warmest (least-cold might be a better way of putting it) places in the country at the moment and we only have a minuscule amount of snow, so I suppose I'm probably quite lucky in comparison to a lot of people just now.


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