Jul. 11th, 2010

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A few days ago I went to the opticians to get my eyes tested for the first time in 6 years. As I thought, my eyesight has only changed a little bit in the intervening period so there was only a fairly small change in the prescription. I picked up the new glasses today, distant things now do seem slightly sharper than before, which is nice. As usual, it felt a bit disconcerting walking about with the new glasses at first, since the ground somehow didn't seem to be in exactly the same place as before, and the whole view of the world felt subtly different to the way it looked with my old glasses (I guess maybe I was used to unconsciously compensating for the previous glasses not being perfect after 6 years and had to learn that that compensation wasn't necessary any more). I think my brain has mostly adjusted to the new glasses now, the only difference I really notice now is that because the frames are a slightly different shape (a bit narrower vertically), I can see the frames in a slightly different location to before, so whereas I had got used to ignoring them, I haven't quite got used to the new position enough to entirely ignore them.

It's currently 28 degrees in here, at 2am in the morning. This really isn't ideal, fortunately the forecast is suggesting it will cool down a bit over the next few days which will be a relief.


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