Dec. 24th, 2009

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I got up here on the train on Saturday evening, fortunately the 500-mile journey went smoothly despite most of the country being covered in snow on the way (which did make it very scenic). When I got up here it had only been snowing a couple of hours apparently so there wasn't much but it snowed pretty steadily for the next day with some additional snow showers over the next few days. I reckon there's probably about 8-10 inches here. Although this is in the Scottish Highlands which you might expect to get a lot of snow, we tend not to get that much here due to being in a fairly sheltered valley and it's been a few years since I remember that much snow here. It is also very cold, was -11 yesterday afternoon and is -9.5 at the moment so I've mostly been staying indoors, again this is unusually cold for here - it was saying on the news that this was the worst winter weather in Scotland for about 20 years, I'm not sure if that might be a slight exaggeration but it doesn't seem too far wrong.

I'm glad I got up here before the worst of the weather and therefore avoided the travel chaos, but I'm now reluctant to go out anywhere in this weather so it is slightly dull, I guess I'll get a lot of reading done this holiday...

Say one thing for the snow, it does look very pretty, I particularly like the effect at night with everything coloured by the glow of the streetlights:


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